After thirty years of design and fabrication in the fashion industry, FOR YOU has refocused its passion on the new and unique collection.

The new “Sensitive” collection offers an array of different styles and fabrics that , when exposed to direct sunlight, change colour….magic !! ( – :

Collection “Sensitive” will be made of solely natural materials including cotton,wool and silk. The collection includes T-shirts for both genders and dresses and tunics to suit all occasions. The collection will have a number of different logo design options, from our resident dog ‘ Lou-Lou’ to nautical themes and Smiley emotions.

Our Short History
Collection “Sensitive” held its first exhibition at the well-known event “Mostra Internationale Del’ Artigianato” in Florence in April 2013; attended by designers from all over the world. As this collection is the first of its kind in Europe, it got a fantastic reception by both the media and general public.

The collection got further praise at another popular fashion fair called “Moda Prima” hosted by Pitti Immagine in Florence, where interest was shown by numerous clients from all over the world.

FOR YOU will once again be displaying the new “Sensitive” collection in Florence at the “Moda Prima” event in November…